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Tooth Reshaping

Do you want beautiful and healthy teeth that last a long time - without pain, injections and drilling? Then tooth reshaping (direct veneers) with minimally invasive nanofillers is right for you!


Nanofill composite bonding

The Nanofill Bonding dedefines new standards in cosmetic dentistry. 2 hour treatment time for results that last up to 20 years - without damaging your teeth. The repair and removal, as well as the application of the material, can be easily done without damaging the underlying teeth.

What is special about LIVBON Nanofill Composite Bonding?

In contrast to conventional filling materials, our concept offers significantly increased aesthetics, polishability and stability, which makes your teeth shine for a long time. 

We analyze and measure aesthetic reference points of the face with the Facial Aesthetic Design Principle to achieve a harmonious result. This includes consideration of face shape, tooth proportions and smile line.


A mock-up makes it possible to present a preliminary version of the result within 10 minutes at the first appointment. The sculptable ceramic material is applied without creating a permanent connection to the teeth. In this way, a simulation can be carried out without actually removing the hard tooth structure. The material can be removed quickly without damaging the tooth.

Once you have been convinced by the simulation, the actual treatment can take place in a follow-up appointment.

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