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Teeth Whitening

LIVBON Power Bleaching

Thanks to the precisely coordinated ingredients of our Fläsh Bleaching, one of the world's most advanced bleaching systems (made in Germany), you can benefit from several advantages.

What is our power bleaching?

Psychological studies have shown that people generally have the impression that bright teeth indicate health and care. However, it is important to note that most people do not naturally have particularly light teeth. Over the course of life, color pigments can also accumulate on the teeth, which can lead to discoloration of the tooth structure. If your teeth are naturally slightly darker or if discoloration has formed throughout the entire tooth substance, bleaching from LIVBON (approx. 2 hours) can help whiten your teeth. The The durability of the result depends on the individual, usually several years if the seal is refreshed regularly.

Marmor Hintergrund





​Possible exclusion criteria for treatment:


  • Inflammation of the gums | Periodontitis (pretreatment necessary)


  • Tooth decay (pretreatment necessary)


  • Fillings | Crowns | Bridges on teeth that can be seen when you smile


  • pregnancy


  • Age < 18 years

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