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Dental Crystal Sealing

Do you want to have noticeably plaque-free, reminalizing teeth and prevent tooth decay and tooth discoloration? Then our dental crystal sealing with Dentcoat is just right for you!


The technology of this procedure enables us for the first time to sustainably protect and repair tooth enamel and to make the surface not only smoother and brighter, but also harder and more resistant. In this way we can effectively prevent tooth discoloration, plaque and tooth decay. Regular use of this procedure causes the tooth enamel to wear more slowly compared to unsealed teeth, meaning that the yellow dentin under the enamel only shines through much later (anti-aging for the teeth).

The dentist applies the mixture of silicon crystallites (Bioglass) in several layers to the tooth surface and massages it in. The crystallites attach themselves to the natural tooth enamel, close structural defects and form a protective net on the surface, which takes effect after about an hour and is virtually impossible to penetrate by color molecules such as red wine, coffee and tobacco smoke.

Anti-aging and increased protection


Protection against tooth sensitivity & the tooth surface becomes more resistant, smoother and brighter


Light whitening effect and protection against tooth discoloration


Protection against acid attacks

Beautiful laugh


Protection against tooth decay & Periodontitis (gum inflammation)


Protection against plaque and tartar formation as well as slower wear of tooth enamel


Reduction of bacteria formation by approx. 95%, protection against bad breath






​Possible exclusion criteria for treatment:


  • Pregnancy


  • Age < 18 years

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