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Our LIVBON aligners

With the LIVBON Aligner we are ushering in a new era of quality and aesthetics. Our aligners are not just a tool, but your companion to a radiant, confident smile and straight teeth. We set standards through innovative design and flawless precision and attach great importance to advance 3D simulations. OverSee for yourself with a free simulation and compare it with those from other providers.

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Your advantages


Quality rail system

With our rail system we can carry out more complex, targeted and controlled movements than with most online providers.  This allows us to ensure high quality treatments.

Accurate advance 3D simulation

No 3D simulations through artificial intelligence. With us, every treatment plan is carried out by our team of experienced orthodontic specialists.

Made in Germany

Each rail is individually made by us, sanded and polished by hand. Our dental splints are made from the very high quality splint material from Scheu Dental in Germany.

Advanced technology

 Our latest scanning technology offers you a precise digital impression and very precisely fitting splints.We work closely with our German manufacturer and consistently pursue a medically and biomechanically correct concept of orthodontic splint therapy.

Personal support with satisfaction guarantee 

Your personal support is very important to us. We therefore offer regular check-up appointments in our practices on site or, if desired, virtually. Your treatment is only over when the discussed simulation has been achieved - without any hidden costs.

High quality aligner set design

We stand for stylish design. Benefit from our goodie products in our aligner set. Receive an innovative toothpaste from Swiss Dent, dental floss and a toothbrush to round off the experience.

LIVBON 3D simulation

This 3D simulation visualizes the course of the treatment phase. The treatment phase is usually followed by the fine-tuning phase (refinement) and is a firmly planned part of your dental splint therapy. New impressions/scans of both jaws are required for fine-tuning. 
Fine-tuning may extend the duration of therapy by a few weeks to months. 
The fine-tuning phase is free (included in the treatment price) and ensures the perfect conclusion to your treatment.

4 steps to your radiance

Marmor Hintergrund





Unser Memotain Retainer

Der MEMOTAIN® wird präzise digital geplant und mit neuester Lasertechnologie aus dem patentierten Memory-Metall Nitinol hergestellt. Individuell und maßgefertigt auf deine Zähne zugeschnitten. Dadurch passt er sich viel exakter an deinen Zahnbogen an, ist wesentlich dünner und trotzdem haltbarer, als ein herkömmlicher Retainer. Maximaler Tragekomfort, minimaler Durchmesser - so fortschrittlich ist nur der MEMOTAIN®.


Deine Vorteile für einen Retainer

Gerade Zähne - ein Leben lang

Präziser als ein handgebogener Retainer

Maximale Stabilität - nur 1% Bruchrate

Noch bessere Passform

Einfache Anwendung in der Praxis

Keine Einschränkung der Mundhygiene

Bester Tragekomfort und perfekter Sitz

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